Setting: Breakfast. I am feeding Tallis a banana. Araiya comes over to help. Araiya: "oh, Tallis. Eeee-ting. Raiya feed Tallis. 'poon." (Araiya runs to the kitchen, gets a baby spoon out, comes running back) "See Tallis? Raiya spoon. Get 'poon. Feed Tallis, yea."(stabs the banana with the spoon, shoves the spoon towards Tallis' face) "Here Tallis, eat. Tallis eating. Raiya feed Tallis. uh, oh.. s[...]
walkin' walking around the house. On sunny days, rainy days, any day. splashin' splashing in puddles outside. paintin' painting more in the girl's room. Birdies, flying. playin' playing with friends. Who have firefighter boots. And sisters, who want to touch ladybug boots. stompin' Stomping, on hardwood floors. Sorry Sippa. sayin' saying, repeatedly: boots, boots. boots on. boots off. boots, pai[...]

6 months

Tallis has hit the half a year mark. Her abilities and person just continue to blossom. She has been sitting up for a while now, but as of late she can pivot herself around to keep an eye on her older sister, who constantly is running circles around her. Constantly aware of Araiya and what she is doing or playing with, she is so eager to take it all in and be a part of the happenings. Recentl[...]
The last several times we have been out hiking we have crossed or seen several rocky boulder fields. At some point along the way while telling Araiya about our surroundings, she picked up on a particular phrase used to describe the rocky slopes we had been crossing as being the same as her sister's name. Uh-huh. So hence came the Story of How Tallis Got Her Name: Our version: So before Tallis w[...]
Exhaustion has set in. Enticing us into the deep seductive folds of sleep. The need and want of sleep is present; the reality of sleep is interrupted, snatched away by the busyness and tasks we have relentlessly thrown ourselves into. By now it has all caught up to us. Looking back, where to start? Looking forward, how to sort it all? Last week and this week I have something going on every [...]

For Jill (part 2)

He he. Araiya: 1 Barbie (and her role as a model of unrealistic unhealthy self-image, over-enhanced exhibitionist sexuality, retrograde pursuit of derogitory male approval, and unrestrained metaphysical material consumerism): 0 Actually the real reason the kid isn't that into Barbie is because she's two. The multitude of criticism of Barbie are well-documented, but irrelevant to someone wh[...]
Smiled at this article over at Yahoo News regarding Stay at Home Mom's and how much they should could make in annual salary (if this were a paid position).  Glad to see we have gotten a 3% raise from last year, yet sorely disappointed we never see this load of cash get direct deposited into our checking account.  On the list of tasks that would be our job description, they included psychologist an[...]


Peace is found on a Sunny morning as our newest daughter lies snuggled at our chests, dappled by the sunlight filtering in through the blinds illuminating the pink softness of her cheeks. I am in awe of her newness. I am in awe of our comfort. This just feels right. Tallis Sierra Grummer 04.01.07 10:42 am 8lbs 11oz