Passing the torch

I grew up over a mile high (in elevation) in Truckee, California. This is where I developed the passion for skiing and the love of the cold winter air. I miss Truckee primarily because of that intense passion for skiing and the outdoors. The only job that ever really impacted me on a deep personal level was one that involved working in the ski industry- I was a Ski Instructor for 6 years aft[...]

Busy Girl

We have had two of our first major injuries this week- first she touched her hand to a hot surface and got a little burn on the back of her fingers then last night she was running downhill on a concrete sidewalk, tripped and scraped her nose. I am sure this will be the first of a long string of boo-boos with this little girl. Makes me realize how steeped into toddler-hood we are now and that I[...]

Toy lust

Araiya and I were over hanging out at her playmate's house yesterday. He is the proud owner of an awesome wooden kitchen and a slew of wooden kitchen accessories. She was tickled beyond herself with this set of toys. I have had my eyes out for good used wooden food and kitchen toys for a while, as Araiya loves helping out in the kitchen. I came across this Barista set via Babystyle this mornin[...]