Stomach bug

We've all caught a stomach bug. Germs and sickness are to be expected raising a family, we've already had our fair share of illness and I fully expect plenty more in the years ahead. I know we have been incredibly lucky to have been spared from any serious health problems. For that I am so thankful. Being sick reminds me of the futility of our bodies. Regardless of how we might try, prevent or avo[...]

Pia's One

Pia has turned ONE! Such a mix of excitement, celebration and joy tinged with a bit of sadness, nostalgia and endings. I can't believe a whole year ago, we were wrapped up in the utter turmoil of whether or not to proceed with a scheduled C-section. Even sitting in the hospital bed awaiting surgery, listing to the rhythmic beeping and mechanical functions of the fetal monitor projecting the echos[...]
I've been Thinking for the past several weeks. Obviously, I mean thinking more than usual, more than actually doing, which is evident that my last post was almost three weeks ago. That's right, I'm a thinker.  Often I think I'm doing, but really, I'm just thinking. I'm doing "imaginatively". So, I started thinking about but what our family should be doing this summer, and then I began to thi[...]
It’s early evening, and a cool night. The usual routine has been to put the girls down and go out back to water the garden. I’m sitting in the backyard, contemplating how much my lifestyle has changed in these past 4 years. As I look at my dirty feet in flip flops, I wonder when exactly I traded my aspirations to achieve something, that looking back now, in it's deepest core of motivation, was pur[...]

Flour Power

Question 1: What do you get when you mix three girls, upon finding themselves unsupervised (for under 3 minutes as their mom is tending to laundry), with a 50lb bag of bulk flour stored in the closet?   a.) 3 Maori aboriginals.  b.) A ginormous mess c.) One Fuming Mama d.) Fleeting minutes of fun e.) All of the above If you chose e.), you are correct. Question 2: I[...]

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! Today I feel conflicted. I enter into holidays like this with trepidation, I both long for it to hold up to it's expectations yet also cringe at remembrance of past disappointment when little tangible effort has been put into celebrating this day with me, when it rolls around again I am expecting to be faced with the bitter taste of being let down again. Perhaps it is the cult[...]

May Day

The first day of May. Spring is finally here. The early mornings, filled with sunlight and warmth, stretching into the later, lighter evenings. The day entailed doughnuts, walks, flowers, and playing at the park. It was Wonderful!
Homemade baby food, that is. We are a pretty hands-on family, can't you tell? And yes, I do a fair amount of making my own baby food. My dedication to this task has waned as I have progressed from the first kid down to the third, there is just less time and sadly simply less drive to expend the effort in this department. I think by now I pretty much have it down to a science and it doesn't feel[...]
05:15 :: Wake to a barely rising sun, move through a still and quiet house laid out with preset piles of ski clothes and bags in their expected positions, awaiting the inevitable bustle of what is about to come. 05:30 :: Start making breakfast. Actually, scratch that. Start making coffee first, then preparation for baked eggs and toast follows after I set the water on the stove to boil. The p[...]