Explaining St. Patrick's Day to the girls- it's History, that we are going to do some green crafting with Shamrocks, and eat Corned Beef and Cabbage for Dinner. That, in Toddler Speak has turned into the girls running around the house singing, "SPATTIKS DAY! SPATTIKS DAY! I'm gonna make a ROCKET day!!" Just when you think instruction is getting through...

The downside of teeth

Pia is a whopping 7 months old- sitting up, crawling, eating solids, sometimes even eating bits of paper she finds on the floor- big markers for the first year of life. She is sporting two little teeth, razor sharp pearly whites which were quite troublesome for her while breaking through. Perhaps it is because she is our only baby who has taken a pacifier, or perhaps it is something else, but thes[...]

Fairy wands

These girls really like making "Crafts". I put that word in "s simply because to them, anything involving cutting paper, some colored pencils and a little tape is considered a "Craft". Sometimes I come up with crafts for the sole purpose of keeping these kids out of trouble, or as in the case of this last week, simply out of sheer boredom . We have to occupy ourselves somehow, given we haven't l[...]


I mentioned previously we are sick. Sick sucks. It is one thing to get a little bug, get over it, and move on with life. Just a little hiccup along the way, as to be expected. But altogether another thing when we are wearing onto the THIRD week of self-imposed quarantine. When we first got this tummy bug, multiple friends warned us of a 'little lull' they experienced where their kids seemed to g[...]
Well, not burn. I would obviously put it to good use. If I happened to have a few thousand dollars of liquid capital sitting around I would surely be acquiring one of these European-style cargo bikes I have had my eye on for a while.  I've found since becoming a Mom, especially, it's increasingly difficult, if not near impossible with multiple children, to remain as active as I would like. As I[...]
.. Stuff to catch up on. My track record keeps slipping. Down, down, down. Now where to start? Do I even bother to backlog? Or do I leave out the parts (and excuses) like how Tallis started Puking in the Chip Isle of the grocery store last Monday? And how a little more than a week later Araiya Puked all over the couch this Tuesday? And how in between we have been braced, ready for the inevitable[...]

I am Dark Helmet

[On a side note, the pink t-shirt Araiya is wearing is actually a onesie given to Pia by the owner of our awesome local coffee hang-out, Tougo Coffee, so we can proudly display our allegiance to this chosen establishment. However, it is still too big for Pia and Araiya has taken to wearing it, running around the house saying, "I'm Riya-Brian, I'm Riya-Brian" and pretending to be the guy who [...]
Two days of skiing. Two FULL days of skiing. In a ROW. In a season that has felt more like spring skiing through the months which normally see the most snow fall, Friday and Saturday's fresh accumulation (30") was a welcome sight. Combine that with amazing sunny skies, it almost felt like a Tahoe day. Everyone else who ditched work to head to Crystal Mountain on Friday agreed. Matt had planned t[...]
Background: Our cat, Maya, has recently established herself as quite the mouser. With Matt ripping of and replacing the rotting sill plate and studs atop the stem wall supporting the back portion of the house (which he was out working on this week), sections left open have allowed ample opportunities for small visitors into our crawl space and laundry room. It seems to come in waves, when Matt [...]