These three girls are quite the crew. Beyond the sheer business of this season, I revel in how close I am holding this time. I have realized, actually known for a while how intensely, that I - we, as a family - live in an ever increasing (rather, constricting) smaller radius. My world is very limited in distance. My day to day life is small and focused within our immediate neighborhood. We've fa[...]


How could I have possibly forgotten to blog about these? It has been almost a whole week and I have failed to mention these utterly amazing Brownies we made. Our baking escapades usually begin with Mom having a huge craving for something sweet and us being down to having nearly nothing of the sort left in the house. This time I lucked out. I not only had a bar of Theo Dark Chocolate, but some St[...]
Last night, sitting down for Dinner, Araiya insists that she get to pray for us before we eat: "Gank-you Jesus for Castles, and Gank-you Jesus for Dress-up Clothes, and Gank-you Jesus for this table, and Gank-you Jesus for giving us our yummy food, and Gank-you Jesus for our Family, Gank-you for Daddy and Pia and Tallis and Mommy and Araiya and Sigrid, and Gank-you Jesus for dying on the cross an[...]


In all honesty, I don't really like the description that I am 'Crafty' or a 'Crafter'- it too much reminds me of grandma-style crocheting afghans or scrap-booking, both of which I cringe at. I never liked painting noodles and gluing them onto construction paper nor any projects with popsicle sticks. No, I break the rules, don't follow directions very well and typically design my own everything fro[...]
Step 1: Hand toddler the camera she has been grabbing at. Step 2: Let toddler take pictures of you while making silly faces. Step 3: Hand camera to other toddler so she can take pictures of you and Toddler #1 sticking out your tongues. Step 4: Take pictures of said Toddlers because they are really, really cute.
Update on the Baby Leg's Sale: I just stumbled across a Facebook Page dedicated to this event. It can be found HERE. Looks like this sale goes through January 31st, so if you mistakenly thought you may have missed out based on my last post, go check it out and I wish you hoards of deals if you are able to actually go out to the warehouse!
Thanks to the recession networking of friends, it seems lately there are far too many deals too good to pass up. That, of course, only fuels urges to buy things, false justification in the oxymoron to 'save money' on such and such product. Regardless, that all still involves SPENDING money, but in doing so doesn't negate the fact that you get to spend a good deal less money than you otherwise woul[...]
Fridays are our Family Sabbath days this winter, given our normal time on Saturday's are taken up by skiing. These days call for a nice, lazy breakfast all together, made all the more enjoyable by some warming sun streaming in the back windows. I made scones, soft and flakey, much more like a biscuit, actually, embedded with cranberries and adorned with scattered almond slices. A perfect breakfa[...]