We are really excited to launch our first opportunity for you to support our Adoption through Natalie's business, Natalie G. Photography. We are offering a weekend of special Mini-Sessions, from which all the profits will go directly to our adoption fund. This is a great way to get Family Photos taken right in time for Holiday Cards and Christmast gifts. Plus, you are helping to cover our adop[...]


I love film. In case you didn't already know. I've forgotten how much I love Polaroids, as I haven't shot them in about 5 years. Specifically, peel apart instant film. It's amazing how this type of film has actually IMPROVED in the past handful of years. One would think otherwise, given the fact 'Polaroid' as a brand appeared to have died. It's funny to me how what was old and archaic swings back [...]


Last month already seems forever ago. The memories of summer are fading fast, though the backlog of images I have waiting to be blogged will indicate otherwise. Time time of making, producing, processing have become longer with the realities of film. We've moved past the seemingly instantaneous shoot-to-blog and within the delay has allowed room for a far more endearing nostalgic amount of reflect[...]

Film Still Rocks

Just in case you weren't convinced by my last post on the merits of why film still rocks: Color. Depth. Dimension. Richness. Swoon.

I heart Ebay

More than 26,000 garden gnomes were sold on Ebay in Canada last year. I however, have spent my online auction money on something far more nostalgic: This is a Contax 645 AF Medium Format FILM camera. It shoots FILM. Remember that stuff? This Film is 3 times the area of regular 35mm film and this camera body is roughly about the same bulk as my entire head. I've carried this bad boy aroun[...]
Seattlites experience extreme mood swings between overly bemoaning our 2 weeks of annual sunshine and then becoming Vampires hissing at the photons the moment those precious rays hit our lilly white skin. Just two months ago activists were petitioning our Mayor for a nude beach. Really? Seattle + nude beach? Imagine that. A bunch of neekid people running around the shoreline while it's raining. Am[...]
I have been thinking a lot lately about digital versus film. It seems to be the latest rage within the pro photographer's social circles I get a little listen in on through my RSS feed reader. All art forms since the middle of the last century swing like a pendulum between modernism and postmodernism. Going digital was modern. Photog's who have now learned and shot on nothing but Digital are now s[...]

Help Haiti

It is hard to understand the severity of need in Haiti. It can almost seem like a distant dream. There's been a huge response and outpouring from our communities in giving. There's a sense that the selfish issues in our lives is irrelevant when compared to what is going on in Haiti. Yesterday our Church showed a special video made less than a week ago by one of our Pastors who spent less tha[...]


Sitting at my keyboard, secluded away in the office (a.k.a. Sensory Deprivation room), in the dimly lit room I lift the steaming cup of tea, the heat radiating into my hands through the ceramic. From the living room I hear Araiya's sing-songy voice accompanied by Tallis' sniffly cough and the occasional "do-dooo" of Pia as the girls sit, gathered around their new art table deeply at work over thei[...]