Winter Solace

Every day from here on out is getting a little lighter and a little longer. I can't really say that we noticed the longest day of the year being any extra dark and dreary. Yet it marks a significant point in time, especially for us here in the North- the slow return of the Sun. Honestly, Winter thus far has felt dry. The past few days we've even seen a bit of that phantom yellow ball peek through.[...]
This is Part 2 of our trip to California last month. It has been slow in making it's way up onto the blog. This portion of the trip not only involved vacation for us, but included my BIL's wedding (the premise for a trip south in the first place) which I was given the honor (er, immense responsibility and pressure) to photograph. The 5 days we spent in Joshua Tree were me juggling a few different [...]
Last night, being right up to the last minute in nature, I had realized I had not yet gotten around to photographing a custom-designed proof box for a wedding I had recently shot to post on my (other) blog. And the meeting was in 45 minutes. Dinner was in the oven, babysitter on the way, Matt not home just yet. So what do I do? I set up a makeshift studio in my living room to get a few quick snaps[...]

Fall Mini Sessions

I though I would post this here simply because a.) my photography biz doesn't have a fully functional blog yet, and b.) A lot of you Seattle locals I know have asked about this. File this under shameless self-promotion: It’s that time again! The dates for my Fall Mini Sessions are set. For those new and just tuning in, Mini Sessions are an annual promotion. A day full of short 20 minute portrai[...]

Creative lighting

Perhaps you would be interested in a refreshing point of view on life's smaller subjects, such as Gems and Champagne. I wanted to share this ring shot from a wedding I shot last night. I know the majority of this blog is just my personal images of my family- most shots are random, haphazard and unplanned. That is actually nearly the opposite of how I was trained as a photographer. In a studio [...]
The previous post was all pic's of Pia as a newborn. Fresh out of the oven, so to speak. I will always remember her like that in those images. Baby Pia. But oh my, what a year does. Now she's Miss Hilarious Personality. 85% of the time, calm and serene, perpetually happy. The other 15% she is a little firecracker. Her facial expressions are so much like Araiya's. She wears whatever sh[...]
Here's my shameless business plug: I am planning a trip to California this month for the purposes of doing a few portrait sessions for friends down there. To complicate things, I am adding in some Architecture business stuff in San Luis Obispo and a trip to my Brother-in-law's in the Joshua Tree area to return some photography gear. Since I will be there and lugging around a few large bags full[...]

Blue Angels 2009

This is our 5th Summer living in Seattle. 5 years, and we have never actually been to SeaFair. With really young kids, who are easily frightened by the loud noises associated with Jet engines, going to watch the Blue Angel's show has been a very, let's say, unwise activity to attempt. This plane and air show buff would LOVE to go sit along the lake for a front row seat. Better yet, sit in a boat d[...]
I can't figure out if I am an Introvert or an Extrovert. It seems to sway to either side every so often, even situational, though overall I remain rather middle of the road. I'm more Extroverted than most Introverts I know and more Introverted than most Extroverts I know. An Inextrovert? An Introverted Extrovert? Extra-introvert? Not to over analyze my social behavior or anything, but [...]

Ring Pic's

This weekend I am photographing a wedding. It will be the first wedding I have done in about 5 years. In all honesty, I don't really have much of a desire to be a 'Wedding Photographer' despite the lure of it being a very lucrative trade. The ones I have done in the past have all been very unique (wheat farm in Idaho, middle of January in a Tepee, for instance) and I find most brides are drawn to [...]