Scheming for the 415

This is the funkified space we assume was meant to be used as a dining room. It is at the back of the house, right behind me is the kitchen. Currently, it is pretty unfunctional to have a long table, circulation, and the fireplace (which as an open wood burning insert at the back of the house is more of an energy liability than heat source). One of the big goals for this house is to open this sp[...]

The junk drawer

Do you have a junk drawer? The place where all random and useless stuff gets shoved in with all the necessary and useful things you semi-frequently need, so you set to digging trough the chaos in order to find that very specific thing you think may have fallen into the vortex? Yea, you know. Well, this is the first house where I haven't had a junk drawer. Instead I have a Junk Deck. It seems our r[...]

lookin' forward

Spending most of the day today working- I have a big community presentation for a development in West Seattle that needs to go out to print tomorrow. Most of the big stuff is done, now it is the little details of the boards and slide show presentation. Also, I need to finalize the landscape and drainage design for our backyard, which we will be tearing into this week. Yeah! I am so excited to cr[...]
Glimpses of "real work' -- whatever that is -- the kind where I can bill my hours, by basic definition. This is a concept for a prefabricated house on an island on the East Coast I have been doing some design and presentation work for. Simple and rough graphic montages of the building to show connection to place and environment. The building will be barged in- as the island has no roads, electri[...]

Dear Amazon,

to whom it may concern; I am writing to inform you about something we found in the box of a recent Amazon order we received. We ordered a Cuisinart mini food processor which arrived today. The Cuisinart box was intact, but lying next to it inside your brown Amazon shipping box and under your inflated plastic baggies was a box of Kellogg's Smart Start breakfast cereal. Is this a new promotional g[...]

Subtle Simplicity

In all regards, it was a simple beginning. Like turned into Lust within the tumbling bounds of a rock rolling down a hillside, since my previous musings on Linen, floodgates of form and shape and stitches came rushing into my head. Until an entire morning had been spent sketching and drawing and scheming and testing. And everything changed from those original ponderings. Then I hesitated. I dug [...]


Perhaps this post should be entitled 'notes of a heathen sewer' or something to that effect. I am not exactly a follow-the-rules type of person. Maybe that is why I like Ottobre patterns so much. They are so easily modifiable, tweakable. Most of the kid's clothes I have been making in the last few years are from Ottobre magazines I borrowed from a friend and traced a few key patterns onto Archit[...]
Can you believe it is February 1st already? Tallis is officially 10 months old. The year is officially underway. It's officially okay to start thinking about Spring. Well, that is only half true. Matt made it up to the Summit in the 3-hour window the road was open to throw himself off cliffs into chest-deep powder on Wednesday. I got to stay home with sick kids. He almost didn't make it back dow[...]


I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around this one: Little Tallis will be turning One in about 2 more months. She will hit the 10 out of 12 mark in a few days. I can't believe it. One holds so much significance. The rounding of a calender year. The end of the era of Babyhood, the entrance into Toddlerhood. A full circle from a brand new, yet to be known infant to a blossoming little perso[...]


The Christmas Card photos ended up being a bit of a bust. Disappointing, to say the least. I know many people who have great prints from Costco. I guess we are just not in that group this round. For one, the cropping was way off. Most of the black snowflakes were cut off along with about half my face. I am more bothered by the color calibration. Both photos printed up dull. Low saturation and po[...]