Drying out

Whew. The stress, and rain, has passed. At least for the time being. Yesterday was the most stressful day we have had in quite a while. It began fairly low key, the gray and rain we had endured through the weekend and Monday was a day to hole up inside, dry and warm. I trotted downstairs to start laundry, stepping over damp concrete at the bottom of the stairs. Huh. IM-ed Matt, asking if he had [...]

Gray knits

I love gray- can't you tell? I really love gray fabrics, particularly those which have wonderful texture and tactile qualities. I like textures-- from things like the current banner for this blog, which is some 1/4 inch thick Industral Wool Felt all the way to simple sturdy cotton knits, which I used today. The deep charcoal knit used to be a maternity dress I made for myself last winter. I l[...]

New Look

We are just about there. The main pieces are all in place. No doubt I will continue to fidget with things because.. well, I can't leave things alone. Not sold on the header and I may rename the site, those decisions will take more time in contemplation and maybe a good glass of wine. If you notice, there are a lot of new features with this template change. The one I mentioned before is the BIGGER [...]


Pardon if things look a little funky around here. I am working on implementing a new look and playing around with templates. I am not ready to launch it all just yet, still in the preliminary phase. I am not able to really test out different Wordpress templates without activating them live, which I am not ready to commit to one just yet. My biggest goal in creating a fresh look is to use larger [...]

Photoblogging Thanksgiving

::Wednesday:: Pick up Turkey and did the rest of our Shopping at Madison Market, come home and start filling up the fridge. Start prep work on Turkey, which gets tossed into a cooler of water and sea salt. That goes on the back porch until the following afternoon. Take dough I made the day before out of the fridge and start making pies, Apple and Chocolate Cream. Apple is my super secret r[...]

Modern nursery progress

Ah, the one room in the house that is starting to really come together. It has become my favorite room to hang out in and the girls just love playing in here. I think there are still a few details lacking before I can check off the box and call it complete. Like perhaps a rug to play on. And some vintage marquee or sign letters in the girl's initials above their beds (although Matt is not sold o[...]
Trying to keep Araiya occupied and out of trouble while being cooped up inside is never too difficult. She loves to help in the kitchen and baking has become an enjoyable activity for us both. While I love baking, I sadly love baking yummy goodies that are not the best for trimming off that excess baby weight leftover from pregnancy. This was my attempt at 'healthy' brownies, in part to the f[...]


It is hard to come to terms with the fact that the reality of my work is embedded so deeply in the dialectical relationships between the self and the built world. It is often an aspect of ‘work’ and ‘tasks’ grossly overlooked that the creation of a building is offered as a medium which the pastoral and the sublime call forth our desires, fears, hopes-everything external serving to evoke what lu[...]


Someone requested a shot of my growing belly. Here it is accentuated in the convex pan which oddly resembles the morphing shape of roundness I am becoming. Perhaps you can also see Matt's inquiry as to why I was taking a break from doing dishes to photograph dishes; he wasn't seeing what I did. And in the spirit of bringing a bit more variety into these pages, here is my other favorite color: [...]


Secrets in the making. I spent part of the morning laying out my pattern for the tote I am making for the One Hour Craft Tote Swap. Current rendition is in Chipboard, but this week it will morph itself into a finished product ready to be shipped off on the 10th to my swap partner, Kyla in Wisconsin. This bag has been designed for over a month now, not in anticipation of the Tote Swap, but beca[...]