I'm sure most people are borderline sick of hearing anything regarding Health Care. Actually I have been very purposefully silent on this site about this very big and serious struggle we've been carrying for the past year. I haven't even bothered to keep up nearly one bit with any of the Government run health care initiatives taking place in the current political environment. Honestly, I have expe[...]

Creative lighting

Perhaps you would be interested in a refreshing point of view on life's smaller subjects, such as Gems and Champagne. I wanted to share this ring shot from a wedding I shot last night. I know the majority of this blog is just my personal images of my family- most shots are random, haphazard and unplanned. That is actually nearly the opposite of how I was trained as a photographer. In a studio [...]

Stomach bug

We've all caught a stomach bug. Germs and sickness are to be expected raising a family, we've already had our fair share of illness and I fully expect plenty more in the years ahead. I know we have been incredibly lucky to have been spared from any serious health problems. For that I am so thankful. Being sick reminds me of the futility of our bodies. Regardless of how we might try, prevent or avo[...]

On a roll

The girls will be flower girls in a wedding that's now a week away. Slowly we've been scrambling to accrue all the necessities- the girls' dresses arrived in the mail, the bride's mom is making hair bows, my Bridesmaid dress has been picked up (it's beautiful, by the way, and actually zips up!!). This week will be full of the smaller details like jewelry, makeup and hair. For the girls, hair is th[...]

Dirt made my lunch

Maybe, just maybe, there will be a few of you out there who get the referenced song in the title. As for the rest of you, perhaps you didn't go to Public School in a resort town that taught recycling and forest conservation as a core class in elementary school like mine did. Regardless, I find many years later and we are still a far cry away from any kind of local bioregionalism in the way we eat [...]

Ring Pic's

This weekend I am photographing a wedding. It will be the first wedding I have done in about 5 years. In all honesty, I don't really have much of a desire to be a 'Wedding Photographer' despite the lure of it being a very lucrative trade. The ones I have done in the past have all been very unique (wheat farm in Idaho, middle of January in a Tepee, for instance) and I find most brides are drawn to [...]
The long awaited release of the fundamentally new website regarding our life and activity is finally up and live! We have spent countless hours honing the concept, graphics, code infrastructure, technology implementation and content organization for this new expression of our lives together. BIG thanks to Philip Soares for helping big-time on the code markup end. Its nice to have a modern-mu[...]

Walk through

Looks like you made it to the new and uber awesomely improved Matalie Blog. And, yes, that sentence phrasing is completely made up and spastic (another semi-made-up word). But it's not like you are here for the writing, anyways. Well, yes- Here it is! I can't begin to tell you how excited I am, not to mention all the blood, sweat and tears that went into this site. Ok, so there wasn't really any [...]

Preview of process

I have a background in visual design and communication- be it Architecture, Photography, Graphics, Art, whatever. I in no way consider myself an expert in any of these fields, but can do a fairly decent job when given time and reason to do so. Overall, I think it is a really fun expression of design sensibilities that allows me to stretch my thinking in new ways. I also have a staunchly set and op[...]