Homemade baby food, that is. We are a pretty hands-on family, can't you tell? And yes, I do a fair amount of making my own baby food. My dedication to this task has waned as I have progressed from the first kid down to the third, there is just less time and sadly simply less drive to expend the effort in this department. I think by now I pretty much have it down to a science and it doesn't feel[...]
05:15 :: Wake to a barely rising sun, move through a still and quiet house laid out with preset piles of ski clothes and bags in their expected positions, awaiting the inevitable bustle of what is about to come. 05:30 :: Start making breakfast. Actually, scratch that. Start making coffee first, then preparation for baked eggs and toast follows after I set the water on the stove to boil. The p[...]
Mothering. Something I continue to both long for and dread. I just look at the task ahead and feel overwhelmed at times with raising these three girls.  I find myself riding the waves like a buoy, seemingly with little control, tossed about and bogged down with this enormous task of training up a child.  At times I feel as if I’m drowning, but I have to stop and realize, rather REMIND myself at [...]
We made the decision this week to go ahead and completely revamp this blog. I mean completely. I have expressed my disappointment and growing realization that this site is having an identity crisis, how I feel it is constrained in it's current state and really just needs to be relaunched. There will be a lot of freedom in it's new rendition that I am really excited for. This is my (near) daily cre[...]
I have been going though the logistics of skiing with Toddlers. Constantly we are asked the burning question "HOW do you do it?" as we have spent at least one day a week at the mountain with 3 girls 3 and under. The first post can be found HERE. This is installment #2 :: Clothing and Gear. We have found the big, essential keys to making skiing work is being adequately prepared. If the kids are un[...]


Update on the teething/nursing front: Pia's top two teeth have poked through, though we only had one really rough night while the second was cutting through (it seemed to take a looooong time). However, the nursing issues haven't gone away. Perhaps it is simply the duration this has gone on, or that it is now compounded with the biting, but I have come close to throwing in the towel several time[...]

Happy weekending

I am hoping ours will be quiet and low-key. The kids have been a little sick the end of this week, Pia is cutting a tooth and we could all use some good recuperation. Our only excitement has been the abundance of Birthday crazies, which I am ready for a break from. The only exception I would take to rest would be taking advantage of a Date with my Hubby. My fingers are crossed Matt and I might g[...]
Tallis is officially 2! Our April Fools baby, though we did some serious celebrating for her Birthday yesterday. Birthday Pancakes in the shape of a '2', complete with Candles. Daddy Date with lollipops. Pink Jelly Beans, lots of presents, and of course, the awesome Cake! I can't believe she is two. She's become such a little girl, so full of thoughts and imagination that she can articulat[...]

Dissed Figure

I'll admit I can be an impatient person. Many times, I would rather just skip to the end, arrive at the destination, get where I am going. Yet I very keenly know and simultaneously revel in the process. But just because I KNOW things doesn't mean I always readily accept them. I KNOW Pregnancy is a time of transition and some very major body changes. I KNOW you can't expect your body to immediately[...]

Proud Mama Day

Araiya is just over 3 1/2 and this past Saturday, she rode up the Big Black Chairlift (Armstrong/Chair 1) at Alpental for the first time. Then she skied, ALL BY HERSELF, just about all the way down (we carried her on a few steep pitches). Then she not only went once, but FOUR TIMES. This Mama is SO proud! She has been asking to ride the Black Chair, but stating doing so was for bigger kids and s[...]