I know I haven't talked much about the 'work' and 'business' side of things on here much. By training, my hubby and I are both Architects. By practice, he uses his degree and I... well, I have a very expensive piece of paper signed by the Governator. I do use my training and accrue a few select billable hours alongside Matt, sometimes dabbling in conceptual design, but mostly utilizing my streng[...]


I mentioned previously we are sick. Sick sucks. It is one thing to get a little bug, get over it, and move on with life. Just a little hiccup along the way, as to be expected. But altogether another thing when we are wearing onto the THIRD week of self-imposed quarantine. When we first got this tummy bug, multiple friends warned us of a 'little lull' they experienced where their kids seemed to g[...]

Way behind

I feel way out of touch with this poor blog. Obviously reflected in the blog stats, which has taken a nose dive this week. I am coming up for air from finishing up editing from 3 different photography shoots two weekends ago which produced about 2400 images to sift through. Now I am down to the last session's images and am about to get those out to the clients, but of course just added another 250[...]


How could I have possibly forgotten to blog about these? It has been almost a whole week and I have failed to mention these utterly amazing Brownies we made. Our baking escapades usually begin with Mom having a huge craving for something sweet and us being down to having nearly nothing of the sort left in the house. This time I lucked out. I not only had a bar of Theo Dark Chocolate, but some St[...]
Where I have been browsing around the internet this week: 10 Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know Writing for Bloggers: A Quick Guide to Style, Substance and Strategy (link to PDF file) Getting things done with Twitter article and the ones I am exploring: twitterfeed, easytweets, HootSuite Blogger's Code of Conduct What the Font for the iPhone Why you should love Google Reader as[...]
SATURDAY: :: 2 hours in a car with a 3-year old, to and from ski lessons. :: 3 runs on the mountain. :: Getting to play ski school supervisor, condensing 11 classes worth of kids into 7 classes. :: Driving a big, ugly manual transmition truck around picking up stuff to get ready for a big photo shoot. :: 3 1/2 hours out in the cold shooting models in garments for a Spring Line, trying to pret[...]


In all honesty, I don't really like the description that I am 'Crafty' or a 'Crafter'- it too much reminds me of grandma-style crocheting afghans or scrap-booking, both of which I cringe at. I never liked painting noodles and gluing them onto construction paper nor any projects with popsicle sticks. No, I break the rules, don't follow directions very well and typically design my own everything fro[...]
Step 1: Hand toddler the camera she has been grabbing at. Step 2: Let toddler take pictures of you while making silly faces. Step 3: Hand camera to other toddler so she can take pictures of you and Toddler #1 sticking out your tongues. Step 4: Take pictures of said Toddlers because they are really, really cute.
Who knew I could be consistent enough to maintain something for two whole years? Certainly not me. My usual track record of starting things which are excessively overambitious and beyond my real capabilities to keep up ending in a slow death of me letting them fizzle out. Honestly, I can't believe I'm still at this. What started as a fun, on the side whim two years ago is now a part of my life ([...]