January. Hello, Goodbye.

It is hard to believe the first month of Twenty-Eleven is almost over. I really didn't intend to take a break from blogging, in fact I intended to post more, but life has that silly little way of becoming very full and overwhelming whether or not you're intending anything. I have a tendency to try to make my plate into a platter. I will multi-task all day long in order to feel productive but often[...]
2010 was indeed a year of extreme highs and lows. Accomplishing goals, marking milestones, coupled with disappointing situations, setbacks and even injury. For me this will be a year of great low & great change. After emerging through a months long, near health-related breakdown (something I never want to experience again), I now feel physically better than I have in years. This year for me is[...]


Watching my girls sleep is amazing. It brings me to a place of remembrance and place where I am grateful & rejuvenated. Sleep is pretty much the only time when they aren't going a million miles an hour. There is plenty of loud noise, yelling, giggling, running, crying, screaming with delight, bouncing off the walls, distributing all their stuff on the floor all over the house & drama which[...]


I'm loving looking back at the images that come back from my lab, reminding me of how we filled the latter part of our Summer. This afternoon the rain came right after we returned home from a long excursion out. Thankfully I made it several trips up the front stairs with arm loads of grocery bags and was safely inside before the dreary drizzle saturated the street scape. Later, sitting down at my [...]
Natalie turns 28 today. Twenty-Eight Years. Today, she's thinking thats pretty old, and that is good. Why? Because she thinks she's really pretty young. At heart, that is. My wife is the fountain of my youth, and I am very grateful for her. Despite all that has happened in her 28 years, she remains dedicated to enjoying life and playing hard. Trust me, that is despite a lot of distractions[...]
4 more shopping days until my Birthday, people ;-) Of course it takes staring down the barrel of rounding into my 28th year to get all contemplative. Yes, I am turning 28. In some regards that may seem young. In others, getting older. To me it mostly marks getting closer to the far bigger milestone of 30. Which has got me thinking about what other things mark that milestone in my life, what thi[...]
It’s been a long, trying few weeks. Er, rather, months. Emotional too. We definitely need a bit of a break from our life. I feel like much of our Summer has been eaten up by me struggling through some health issues. Issues I haven't really talked all that directly to here and likely nothing has really come across as to how much it really has sucked. Basically I spent the latter part of May and[...]
I coerced Matt into picking up these lovely Peonies at Pikes Place Market on Friday so I could bring them to my photography workshop & decorate the room. First off, they were supposed to be white. Araiya's first comment when he brought them home was 'but mom doesn't like pink'. Second, I didn't really care at that point. Third, I left them in the car when unloading on Saturday so they never ev[...]


Gooey eyes. Sinus Infection. Photography workshop postponed. In-Law's in town. Camping in the backyard. Power-washed deck. More digestion issues. Toddler Soccer classes. Purging junk. Trips to Goodwill. A funeral. A baby shower. Awaiting labor to shoot a birth. BBQ's. Photo print orders for Father's Day. In-house date nights. Sun. Rain. Warm. Cold. I don't know what it is about getting sick tha[...]
29 years ago today Matt was born. 29 years. That means only ONE left until he hits that big, daunting mile marker of 30. Somewhere inside of me still thinks 30 is old. So here is a glimpse back into the 10 years I have known Matt. One more year and we will have been together in our teens, twenties and thirties. I still haven't figured out exactly how I feel about turning 30 in two years, thou[...]