A month!?!

This poor neglected place. I did not at all intend for the infrequency of posts to be creeping up on a month now. I have about 10 posts I have meant to write, 10 pictures I have meant to post. We have been going and doing non-stop since Tallis was born... from having family in town and friends visiting, adjusting to a family of four, tripping over boxes of stuff in the loft, painting and scheming [...]


Peace is found on a Sunny morning as our newest daughter lies snuggled at our chests, dappled by the sunlight filtering in through the blinds illuminating the pink softness of her cheeks. I am in awe of her newness. I am in awe of our comfort. This just feels right. Tallis Sierra Grummer 04.01.07 10:42 am 8lbs 11oz
Why is it that as I approach the end of this time being pregnant, I can’t help but feel this final stretch to be harder to endure than the months, weeks and days that are already behind me? I find myself swinging between anxious excitement and frustrated despair as I have been having prelabor for over two weeks. There are definite periods where activity increases- more cramping, more contract[...]


It is hard to come to terms with the fact that the reality of my work is embedded so deeply in the dialectical relationships between the self and the built world. It is often an aspect of ‘work’ and ‘tasks’ grossly overlooked that the creation of a building is offered as a medium which the pastoral and the sublime call forth our desires, fears, hopes-everything external serving to evoke what lu[...]
I have had several changing reactions over the last few days from Allison’s recent post, it has really been mulling around in my mind. Beyond the initial feelings of disappointment for Al and disgust of the fraudulent blatant copycat, as the comments have piled up I find myself reacting to many different aspects of this whole mess. Allison was the first blogger I actually had a real conversation[...]
Ever been to a gathering with a group of Architects? We had one last night here at our place with 7 friends from college who all moved north after graduation. Every single person was wearing black of some sorts. It quickly became a topic of conversation as in these circles it is commonly known, a monochrome, mostly black wardrobe it is the dead giveaway you are amongst designers. That night, ho[...]