Laying under the trees

Yesterday was amazing. And so is today. Apparently this was the first time Seattle has been over 70 degrees since September 25th. We've been outside, the windows flung open, digging in dirt and playing in the yard. Last night was officially the first night this year we have eaten dinner on the back deck. Dinner was darn good (we had sliders- mini-burgers made with local beef mixed with quinoa, gar[...]
One famous photographer says, "The best camera is the one you have with you." Sometimes that is so, so true. The thousands of dollars invested in camera gear surely make for some great images we have captured into memories of every aspect for our girls to have of their time growing up. In 4  years, I have nearly 10,000 images camped out in our Flickr Photostream. In the past year, I have shot over[...]

Eve of time

Here we sit on the eve of a new decade. 2010. Is it Two-Thousand Ten? Or Twenty-Ten? The Tens? Or how does one quantify the past decade? For me, this will be the third instance time has rolled in quantities of tens. The first marked turn of a decade I was in Second grade; the next, I was on the eve of graduating from High School. The year 2000. Y2K- the future was upon us and I was an integral [...]


The saying goes, absence makes the heart grow stronger. Does it? Have you missed me? I have. When I hit the two year mark blogging at what was journal, I unofficially made the goal to blog every-other day, minus weekends. For the better part of the year I did just about that, and it really drove up the readership. But then the whole redesign happened, the URL changed, there was a long lag[...]
This is Part 2 of our trip to California last month. It has been slow in making it's way up onto the blog. This portion of the trip not only involved vacation for us, but included my BIL's wedding (the premise for a trip south in the first place) which I was given the honor (er, immense responsibility and pressure) to photograph. The 5 days we spent in Joshua Tree were me juggling a few different [...]
Returning from the dessert in California, where it was over 90 degrees every day we were there, to a grey and saturated Seattle, the very first thing we noticed was in our absence our city had turned the corner into Fall. I love our street lined with cascading bursts of orange, reds and yellows. Our apple tree is burdened down, heavy with large red fruit. It has been cool, wet and refreshing equal[...]

Pia's One

Pia has turned ONE! Such a mix of excitement, celebration and joy tinged with a bit of sadness, nostalgia and endings. I can't believe a whole year ago, we were wrapped up in the utter turmoil of whether or not to proceed with a scheduled C-section. Even sitting in the hospital bed awaiting surgery, listing to the rhythmic beeping and mechanical functions of the fetal monitor projecting the echos[...]
Facebook Status updates: 21:29 I just lost my buzz. good thing cause I'm going to Oscar's for some more drinks  21:46 soaking my leg cramp in the jacuzzi 23:28 I think if I was drunk all the time, I would be the funnest person ever! 0:45 beers. then sleep  1:00 let the beat drop. I'm so 3008 Initial news release: Monday, July 27, 2009 Driver weaves through lanes before dying in fiery cra[...]
I've been Thinking for the past several weeks. Obviously, I mean thinking more than usual, more than actually doing, which is evident that my last post was almost three weeks ago. That's right, I'm a thinker.  Often I think I'm doing, but really, I'm just thinking. I'm doing "imaginatively". So, I started thinking about but what our family should be doing this summer, and then I began to thi[...]
It’s early evening, and a cool night. The usual routine has been to put the girls down and go out back to water the garden. I’m sitting in the backyard, contemplating how much my lifestyle has changed in these past 4 years. As I look at my dirty feet in flip flops, I wonder when exactly I traded my aspirations to achieve something, that looking back now, in it's deepest core of motivation, was pur[...]