Looking ahead, seeing what is ahead for how this space will serve our family. New stuff to come, changes, improvements. It was also a pretty major undertaking and loads of work to take on, but I cannot tell you how much it has paid off. I love the new site. I love that it coincides with this time of year because I start to lay out my summer calendar and it most definitely includes a few mini break[...]

Pia post

A bit more than 8 months, we are just about at a turning point for Miss Pia. Crawling with abundance, rather, dragging her lower half all over the house, frantically scooting after her older sisters. Mobility has opened up a whole new world of participation with these two other little creatures she is fascinated with. Just this week she has started pulling herself up to standing, mostly on my le[...]

Easter '09

Easter Celebration, finally upon us. More than fluffy bunnies and cheap candy. A day of unbelievable rejoicing and celebrations. We have a lot to celebrate this year as a family, as a part of something bigger. My heart bursts with joy today, confident in the risen and living Jesus who is the real focus of the day. A day with far more inference than simply coming to an Easter show; It's about the[...]
Warmth was fleeting; today we are back to overcast. A few lingering images from the past few days of our Backyard Escapades:  1.) Our front window, which faces east, welcoming the sunrise and warm rays deep into the living room; 2.) Lunch on the deck; 3.) Araiya playing with an umbrella; 4.) Blossom Buds on one of the fruit trees; 5.) Planting seeds in a new toy, one that was int[...]

Morning crepes

These last few mornings have been wonderful. Spring has sprung. Or at least providing a little teaser, as the forecast calls for rain Wednesday-Thursday. Our days have been nearly 70 degrees of glorious sunshine beckoning us outdoors. Saturday we skied (it was awesome), Sunday we were in the backyard all afternoon, Monday we hit up multiple parks (I even got a bit sunburnt). Today is more of the[...]
.. Stuff to catch up on. My track record keeps slipping. Down, down, down. Now where to start? Do I even bother to backlog? Or do I leave out the parts (and excuses) like how Tallis started Puking in the Chip Isle of the grocery store last Monday? And how a little more than a week later Araiya Puked all over the couch this Tuesday? And how in between we have been braced, ready for the inevitable[...]


Matt and I went out last night, just us, after the girls went to bed. Walking through the U-Village on the way to our destination, I comment I liked some glass jars in a store window display, they would have made awesome terrariums. He laughs then proceeds to tell me how recent comments about things I like are leading him to believe my normally masculine design sensibilities may be waning, as I [...]


These three girls are quite the crew. Beyond the sheer business of this season, I revel in how close I am holding this time. I have realized, actually known for a while how intensely, that I - we, as a family - live in an ever increasing (rather, constricting) smaller radius. My world is very limited in distance. My day to day life is small and focused within our immediate neighborhood. We've fa[...]


I caught this picture through one of the living room windows as the sun rises above the houses and trees yesterday, infiltrating light deep into the house. As the walls illuminate orange, I realize how much I am reveling in this winter sunshine we have been having. Perhaps it is indeed the Vitaman D, as reflecting to this point last year, when I was severely anemic, my body depleted of nearly ev[...]


Sitting in a coffee shop today, kids running amuck and playing and I catch a glimpse of a couple as they briefly come into view walking past the window. Each was carrying a backpacking pack on their backs and clinging an additional shoulder bag across their chests. They were grinning ear to ear. I was hit with a sudden and longing pang. That could be us. That was us. That felt so long ago, so una[...]