Who knew I could be consistent enough to maintain something for two whole years? Certainly not me. My usual track record of starting things which are excessively overambitious and beyond my real capabilities to keep up ending in a slow death of me letting them fizzle out. Honestly, I can't believe I'm still at this. What started as a fun, on the side whim two years ago is now a part of my life ([...]

6 years ago...

.. we were 20 and 21. Most people said we were too young, they didn't understand why we wouldn't wait. But that was not what we were called to do. We fused our lives together, bonded ourselves into covenant, to marriage, to God as a fuller expression of Love and the pursuit of living a life where we walk guided solely by faith in all that  we hope for in Christ.  Six years of marriage[...]
We rang in the new year with another family, parents barely awake, with a $6 bottle of wine from Mom & Pop's Grocery in a swanky hipster hotel room at the ACE in Portland linked over the baby monitor with our 6 girls sleeping all together in a room down the hall, hoping all the real hipsters partying out in the street wouldn't wake them up. It was one of the better New Year's Eve's we have had[...]

And to all a good night

As we are winding down to the very end of festivities, I wanted to stop in and wish you all the very happiest of Christmas Celebrations! Thank you for your visits, for listening in on this small space and sharing a bit of your life and your world with me in return. I'm looking forward to the coming New Year sure to be filled with more adventures, creativity, friendships and inspiration! From m[...]


I sincerely love this city, but in all honesty, Seattle can sometimes be pretty pathetic. Of course, same could be said for absolutely everywhere. When it comes down to it, Seattle is just the slightest bit wussy when it comes to certain types of weather. That's right, WUSSY. Ok, I guess someone had to just get out there and say it. Overall, the Pacific Northwest's climate is really quite mild a[...]

The Fam

After nearly a week, I finally got around to sticking the DVD of our family photos from Gary into the computer. Then it took a few more days to actually open them up and upload some to Flickr. Tallis is adorable. The three girls. So, thought I would share. Here's the fam Fall 2008.
For what a dreary day it ended up being, my morning walk to Tougo's at 6:45am was beautiful. The sunrise spread pinks oranges and yellows across the sky infiltrating into the deep blues and black shadows of the darkened city. The hues and vibrancy was just amazing, and no, these images haven't been enhanced, they are actually straight out of the camera. I couldn't help but appreciate the spectru[...]

the Tunnel

One of the things I enjoy the most about living up here in the Pacific Northwest is the distinction of Seasons. Where I grew up we had two seasons- Snow and No Snow. Where I went to College we had one season- Sunny and 75 with the occasional bout of rain. Seattle has Four very obvious changes between each. Everyone who isn't from Seattle has the preconceived notion that it rains here "all the ti[...]

Layers of reflection

I was walking home the other day from Tougo Coffee and noticed this storefront. It is/was a hair salon, recently there has been some work going on inside and the curtains have been taken down, allowing for this intriguing field of reflective depth between the mirrors and windows. I found it interesting the layers of imagery between the Obama poster, dilapidated-looking interior, reflection of th[...]

By candlelight

I love how candlelight is warmly romantic, softly dancing on the walls. It is good for quietly sipping wine under a warm blanket. Which became the back-up plan for Saturday night when the electricity briefly died twice then went out for a few solid hours. Plan A was to have a movie date night in the living room. I had moved the iMac out to the living room the night before to have a Chick Flick [...]