Inspiration is a funny thing. When it comes it is often brief, sporadic and all too fleeting. I have come to realize I have experienced two very different forms of inspiration: The easy form is the one that comes usually in regards to something I do -- an inspired moment in designing something, the strike of a good idea that spurs you into action, the fire under your feet to create, seeing somet[...]


Meet the girl's Dolly. A dolly who has been well loved and who is continuing to see plenty more loving playtime in our home. Dolly is in remarkably good shape considering she is fairly old, though still quite a lovely vintage doll. She belonged to my Sister, I believe, though I don't remember her ever playing with this particular doll. Obviously there has been some trauma inflicted on her. He[...]


Today is my 26th birthday. Reflecting upon that, it is hard not to get caught up in the number. I am often times perceived as older than people think. Many times people gasp at how young I am in comparison to my perceived life stage. I find myself struck at times at the realization I am 26 years old and Married with Three kids. There is still a part of me that feels like such a kid myself, saturat[...]


Where do I even begin? Maybe here, close to the beginning, in those first few weeks and months where we suddenly realized this was a roller coaster ride our ecstatic, optimistically naive expectations never came close to even imagining. We had already turned our world upside down by moving and replanting ourselves in a completely different place at 30 weeks pregnant, and even then we were unprepa[...]

Peas in a Pod

Today I was looking back over the 700+ pictures of Araiya in her Flickr set as I am anticipating her Third Birthday Tomorrow. It has been hard to accept my firstborn turning Three, as this milestone is seeming pretty significant to me. I can't believe how much she has changed, matured and developed, that the little baby I once held almost can't possibly be the same as this little girl who brighten[...]

Week 1

You would think with the new camera I would be snapping pictures like crazy, but I just haven't been doing that. My hands have been a bit, well, occupied. There were a few brief moments I set her down:


I guess I feel there should be some achievement in making it to the 37 week mark, like something should really start happening, right? Rather, I want it to. There has been an increasing regularity to the tightening and psudo-contractions I have been having. A familiarity with the expected rhythms building up. Maybe that is just the difficulty in waiting. Waiting around for the expected, yet my exp[...]

Absent ramblings

Yes, I am still here. Pardon the quietness. In all honesty, it has been a good little sabbath, though quite unintentional. Thanks for the inquiries, though! Sadly the nearly week long span of not posting is not due to anything baby-related (though I would hope that will come soon and I have a whole slew of thoughts on that). No, the absence has been more photo-related, as without pictures I feel j[...]


I have seen this meme and many others floating around the blogosphere and realized the other day I have never done one here. Granted, I am tagging myself and thought I would do this because of the lack of photographic excitement happening around here. The idea is I guess to reflect on the past 10 years of your life and divulge a snapshot of where you were at at each of those years, which I was thi[...]

Weekend update

Ode to a crazy weekend. * Finished the 'Really Big Stuff' in the backyard. All the excavation, the block walls, the rockery in the creek bed. All materials have been delivered and we had all the waste and junk hauled away. The transformation is amazing. The sheer amount of accomplishment blows me away. That leaves us, though with a long laundry list of things to do: Rebuilding the deck structure [...]