I feel like we are in flux in extremes at the moment. Deliberate explorations of color have unfolded to explorations of texture. Opposition. Contrast. All seem to be joined in some subconscious way to a season in the past when these explorations were applied in a very detailed and exact series of work on a much larger scale. But much like that the flowers that have been gracing our space, that s[...]


This has been and will continue to be a bit of an unintentional hiatus. Computer is down for the count (equating to no photos, no internet). We seem to be sick again (seriously?). I haven't been sleeping well (it's 5am on a Saturday). Lots of life happening all at once. No Weekly Photo Challenge either, as the word was jollification and really ended up just not coinciding with my week. I have to t[...]


I feel like I have slacked in documenting all our happenings. Simultaneously, there is a list of post to be written and photos to be uploaded telling the stories. How can I be behind and looking ahead at the same time? There has been busy bustling, plenty of photos taken, plenty of things happening around here. We had Tallis' Party on Saturday. What a fun event, indeed! It deserves it's own p[...]


Non-stop. I feel we are just going and going. Busy is an inadequate description. Perhaps more of an excuse, it feels at times. One thing ending rolls into another beginning; one thing continuing feels never ending. I have to see past the layers of bold colored bubbles which make up my Google calender, hardly a way to feel organized at this point. Plus we have all been perpetually sick for nearly a[...]
Surprises come in all shapes and forms, and often when they are least expected. You try your best to prepare yourself for the up's and down's of the emotional roller coaster, perhaps because deep down we want so hard to lessen the sting of the surprises that inflict pain. Often I feel I am very sheltered from much of life's harsh reality, I often am too desensitized by the comfort of my life. Ye[...]
Can it be? We seem to have emerged from the gray abyss of winter. This weekend has been an utter departure from wet, cold, cloudy. It marks the return of the sun. It has been such a stark and obvious change which permeates all our activities and outlook on the day-to-day. And let's all hope it holds. Friday I took the girls downtown, in pouring rain, to replace my driver's license, which Araiya[...]

That berry rude

Often times I find it funny the patterns we fall into. The things we do over and over, say over and over, often without even picking up on the repetition we have fallen into. Until, perhaps, something goes amiss. Two such instances came crashing together this week. Oddly both revolving around the nearly unrelated use of Berries. That was the point when I realized how we keep doing the same thin[...]

I [heart] my blog

I have been officially blogging for one whole year. Feels like quite an accomplishment for me. From the first idyllic post, I admit it has been a struggle to be consistent and frequent and at times motivated. Overall, this has become something I have immensely enjoyed doing. I think in the past year I have begun to find my voice. I can assuredly say I found my look, my style. Both areas yearn f[...]


A lapse. Emptiness. Unintentional. Likely post-pregnancy hormones long overdue for a catching up. Love how those womanly feelings leave you so drained. So unmotivated. No photos. No stories. Only disjointed half-formed thoughts which seem unable to weave themselves into anything worthwhile. Which made me think of this bowl. It belonged to a family friend who bought it in Japan in the 1950's w[...]


8 days into the New Year already. And I thought things might slow down. Guess I was wrong, as things are set to be utterly crazy the next few weeks. My goal is to simply keep up. Don't think though we have been slacking or anything. Our celebratory getaway to Downtown was great. The ACE Hotel I would highly recommend. We had a deluxe room with this awesomely huge pivot door into the bathroom, a[...]