I noticed the other day that in the sidebar all 12 months of the year are represented in Archives. In order. January through December. In a few weeks I will have been writing on this blog for a year. Kinda crazy to think about. Crazy to think about what I should do to celebrate. Happy Birthday blog? Araiya would get a kick out of that, she would likely want a Birthday Cake. In all honesty, post[...]


I feel scattered. My house feels scattered. The weekend's demands of me being gone have tossed and piled a backlog of things needing attention. All ski stuff got dumped on the floor Sunday night. Three days worth of dishes awaited me in the kitchen. I spent my remaining energy angrily getting those two areas back in order as well as tackling the mountain of laundry yesterday. Today things are on[...]
This afternoon I lucked out. Two kids down for naps at the same time. Such a rarity. I marveled at the peacefulness of the house, the fleeting occurrence of silence. I had time for me, for my thoughts, my own solace. I read a little. Had some peppermint tea. Avoided the dishes. Traded for just a short while looming things needing to be done for contemplation of the looming rainclouds. I listene[...]
Link HERE. So that photographer I mentioned in the last post? His name is Mike Kane and he got some great shots of us tromping around on the Pass. Yup, he followed us around for a bit snapping away and used some of the photos for the project he was working on. And now we made it into the "Featured Galleries" for today's Front Page photo gallery of the Seattle Post Intelligencer, 'First Big Snow a[...]

Waisting Away

This week we are hitting a few mile markers. Well, perhaps that is a bit of an overstatement, as they are not all that significant, but noteworthy none the less. I already mentioned the potty training success. But even better than that, I wore my pre-pregnancy jeans today. Yes, it is true. Call me shallow, but this is a significant day. You'll never know the depth of your own vanity until those t[...]

Dancing Lessons

Saturday's wedding was wonderful. It was such a beautiful blessing to be there to witness two good friends make a covenanting commitment of love to one another and placing Jesus at the center of their new marriage. This couple has been in the small group we lead and we have been getting together with them many a Monday night as they prepared for getting hitched. In addition, they are both desi[...]


At heart, I am a designer, an Architect. In this field is where many a passion lie (passive, for now, as my kids are front and center), many consuming thoughts stem out of, much time given in the pursuit of. Granted, for now it is not my career, not my sole focus. But it is there, patiently waiting and every so often getting a chance to flex many a creative muscle when Matt and I take on a pro[...]


Now we are nearing two weeks, just the realization we have been fighting sickness this long lurches me into dismay. Two weeks with very few breaks, highlights or signs illness is letting up as this flu has marched from one person to the next. Araiya, then me, now Matt. Still keeping our fingers crossed for little Tallis. By now, I am exhausted. It was That kind of flu- the real bones and muscle ph[...]

When it is snowing

Weekend lunch time rolls around, we break from house stuff, stare at the kitchen. PB&J? no. Leftover Squash pasta? yep. Matt gets to work boiling water, I put Tallis down for a nap. She wakes up just as we finish eating. Darn, there goes my nap. Matt heads back up into the attic to scatter loose fill insulation, as the days are getting colder.. err, rather the nights are getting colder in ou[...]
A glimpse of what we've been doing: Matt has been taking a half day on Thursdays to go on family adventures. The last few we have been graced with beautiful weather. Last week we went to Discovery Park in Magnolia. Great day to enjoy the vistas watching the boats cruise up and down Puget Sound. It was a very easy hike down to the South Beach of the park, nice trail and thankfully not too many p[...]