Let me tell you a story about how God is working. This story started almost exactly 7 years ago. Life is not a series of random circumstances and chance happenings. God orchestrates all things and works all things out for our benefit and His Glory (Rom 8:28). Those who have been in Christ for any length of time bear witness to how God orchestrates things and we are often floored a[...]

Image intensive

I know, I haven't posted any pictures in forever. So I'll put a few posts of our backlogged photos up. Honestly, I really haven't been shooting much, which is pretty abnormal for me. Once again I decided to take all of December off from shooting professionally, but this year decided to push it back to the week before Thanksgiving. My last two family sessions were mid-November. With those I dropped[...]


Datenight. Or on Twitter I refer to it as #D8nite. It's frequency & regularity has waned. Usually, a Friday ritual. Just me & Matt. A single photo, lacking words, capturing a moment from our week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor & remember. Because it was just us. Amazing food, a bit of Tequila, sitting outside surrounded by misting rain falling[...]

Bainbridge Island

When we first moved to Seattle Matt worked on Bainbridge Island for about a year and a half. Every day he rode his bike down to the Ferry Terminal, got on a boat, and spent 35 minutes crossing Puget Sound. As far as a commute goes, riding the ferry that serves beer and has free wifi is not bad at all. Way better than sitting in a single passenger car in traffic. As a new mom, there were many days [...]

Madrona Beach

There's nothing like Summers at the Beach. I will sheepishly admit this trip was our first time down to Madrona Beach this year. Really, we have little impediments- it's only like a mile and a half away, we live directly between two direct bus lines and there is ample free parking. The past few Summers' we've been here at least once a week, but sadly haven't been really doing much of anything. I'm[...]
Seattlites experience extreme mood swings between overly bemoaning our 2 weeks of annual sunshine and then becoming Vampires hissing at the photons the moment those precious rays hit our lilly white skin. Just two months ago activists were petitioning our Mayor for a nude beach. Really? Seattle + nude beach? Imagine that. A bunch of neekid people running around the shoreline while it's raining. Am[...]

Drink of lack of choice

Lately a good martini has sounded really good after dinner. Or a glass of wine would be equally as good. Or a margarita, which is my default favorite drink. Since moving to Washington I have been to the liquor store all of, um... Zero times. Back home in Cali you could walk into any grocery store to purchase nearly any hard alcohol from their wide selections. It just doesn't work like that in this[...]

Warm Winter

For those of you around Seattle, you would attest this is an incredibly odd Winter. We've had Sun. That's right- SUN. Quite a divergence from the typical photon-deprived season the Pacific Northwest is prone to. For those of you elsewhere who've been hit hard this Winter, my apologies. Having said that, I can't really complain. We've been to the parks, the zoo, the backyard, had the windows open, [...]
Returning from the dessert in California, where it was over 90 degrees every day we were there, to a grey and saturated Seattle, the very first thing we noticed was in our absence our city had turned the corner into Fall. I love our street lined with cascading bursts of orange, reds and yellows. Our apple tree is burdened down, heavy with large red fruit. It has been cool, wet and refreshing equal[...]