Port Townsend

This summer has been the summer of what I have dubbed, Mini-Cations. Small little ventures that are long enough to take a breather, but far far shorter than a vacation or even weekend getaway. It has totally changed my perspective on Vacations. I've found I like smaller, shorter trips with more frequency and variety more than bigger trips which tend to be fewer and farther between. The latest inst[...]

Blue Angels 2009

This is our 5th Summer living in Seattle. 5 years, and we have never actually been to SeaFair. With really young kids, who are easily frightened by the loud noises associated with Jet engines, going to watch the Blue Angel's show has been a very, let's say, unwise activity to attempt. This plane and air show buff would LOVE to go sit along the lake for a front row seat. Better yet, sit in a boat d[...]

Beating the heat

Wednesday it hit 104 degrees F. Every other day has been above 90, INSIDE THE HOUSE. Now, when you live in a structure with very little insulation in the back half, stagnant air because you've closed all the windows in attempts to retain as much coolth possible, the extremes can really get to you. It's felt like we've been in a sauna the whole week. By Thursday, Pia had heat rash all d[...]
I can't figure out if I am an Introvert or an Extrovert. It seems to sway to either side every so often, even situational, though overall I remain rather middle of the road. I'm more Extroverted than most Introverts I know and more Introverted than most Extroverts I know. An Inextrovert? An Introverted Extrovert? Extra-introvert? Not to over analyze my social behavior or anything, but [...]