Worth a laugh

hahahaha- If taglines were honest, from guardedly optimistic, via swissmiss. Here is a sampling: Apple: You think you need it, we know you just want it. Ikea: One day you’ll be able to afford real furniture. Taco Bell: You’re drunk and we’re still open. Ben and Jerry’s: Whoah, dude, did you eat that whole thing? See the rest here.
My sister was in town a few weeks ago and we took her down to the Olympic Sculpture Park on a near perfect Fall day. I think the park in it's entirety is really wonderful. More so I appreciate each of the facets of the whole- the individual sculptures, the pathway, the vistas, the beach, the bike path. The firm who developed the park did an excellent job of stepping back and letting Opportunity [...]
A glimpse of what we've been doing: Matt has been taking a half day on Thursdays to go on family adventures. The last few we have been graced with beautiful weather. Last week we went to Discovery Park in Magnolia. Great day to enjoy the vistas watching the boats cruise up and down Puget Sound. It was a very easy hike down to the South Beach of the park, nice trail and thankfully not too many p[...]

Summer Vacation

Maybe because it just doesn't quite feel like summer just yet- the sun and it's warmth keep faking us out, or maybe it is just the desire to get away to somewhere different- I am thinking.., er, lusting about exotic vacations. Not that we ever take any. Most of our travel is practical- go to Tahoe to visit family, go to Hawaii for a wedding. Great trips to great places with great people. I do wo[...]
Smiled at this article over at Yahoo News regarding Stay at Home Mom's and how much they should could make in annual salary (if this were a paid position).  Glad to see we have gotten a 3% raise from last year, yet sorely disappointed we never see this load of cash get direct deposited into our checking account.  On the list of tasks that would be our job description, they included psychologist an[...]


    This blog has been in the making 10 times over. As I have formed and reformed this many times, I keep thinking about the concept of surface. To me this blog is just one more surface that will be impacted and changed by the passage of time and life. It's properties are simple and straightforward and the change comes through impacts and interations with other surfaces and elements[...]