Burning the candle at both ends has caught up with us. I knew it would. Doesn't it always? This week has been one of recovery. Time to slow down. Pia & Tallis have been sickies, a bit low with hacking coughs, running noses and fevers. I like the change of pace a few days like that brings. But just a few days, because too many can be too much. Until it brings it's own crazies. The stir crazies.[...]
This is not going to be an "I've been a bad blogger" rant. In fact, I've done that too many times before. In fact, I'm far too easily irritated when someone hasn't blogged in three days and those kind of posts come across my feed reader. Honestly, there's this thing called LIFE. It gets in the way sometimes. Wait, maybe I should recant that. It's all the stuff we try to cram in on top of th[...]

Holiday Cheering

I was just looking back at past blog posts about our many adventures we've had each year in hunting down a Christmas Tree from the Forest. Some are better than others. The realization came that maybe, just maybe, I should keep my fingers crossed that friends don't back-read my blog like I do. Because then we would be hard pressed to lure anyone into going with us to cut down a Christmas Tree if th[...]


The saying goes, absence makes the heart grow stronger. Does it? Have you missed me? I have. When I hit the two year mark blogging at what was g.design journal, I unofficially made the goal to blog every-other day, minus weekends. For the better part of the year I did just about that, and it really drove up the readership. But then the whole redesign happened, the URL changed, there was a long lag[...]
The weather has been a bit of a surprise lately. Just when we get all geared up for cold, wet Fall, the sun decides to stick around. The residual blue skies and crisp warmth has been more than a pleasantly unexpected bout. In fact, the majority of next week too calls for partly sunny. The cool air still hangs, clinging in the shadows as a reminder this season is indeed here. But the dryness? A far[...]
I can't figure out if I am an Introvert or an Extrovert. It seems to sway to either side every so often, even situational, though overall I remain rather middle of the road. I'm more Extroverted than most Introverts I know and more Introverted than most Extroverts I know. An Inextrovert? An Introverted Extrovert? Extra-introvert? Not to over analyze my social behavior or anything, but [...]
I've been Thinking for the past several weeks. Obviously, I mean thinking more than usual, more than actually doing, which is evident that my last post was almost three weeks ago. That's right, I'm a thinker.  Often I think I'm doing, but really, I'm just thinking. I'm doing "imaginatively". So, I started thinking about but what our family should be doing this summer, and then I began to thi[...]

Trike Riding

This past week has been a very difficult one for us. I the shortest terminology, it sucked. Circumstances and struggles I really don't feel like talking about here on this blog. Not that I want to teast and then not share, but that it's simply too much and too involved to dump on here. Blogging, while a form of expression and sharing, is also a form of self-editing and selective communica[...]
It’s early evening, and a cool night. The usual routine has been to put the girls down and go out back to water the garden. I’m sitting in the backyard, contemplating how much my lifestyle has changed in these past 4 years. As I look at my dirty feet in flip flops, I wonder when exactly I traded my aspirations to achieve something, that looking back now, in it's deepest core of motivation, was pur[...]

Walk through

Looks like you made it to the new and uber awesomely improved Matalie Blog. And, yes, that sentence phrasing is completely made up and spastic (another semi-made-up word). But it's not like you are here for the writing, anyways. Well, yes- Here it is! I can't begin to tell you how excited I am, not to mention all the blood, sweat and tears that went into this site. Ok, so there wasn't really any [...]