Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! Today I feel conflicted. I enter into holidays like this with trepidation, I both long for it to hold up to it's expectations yet also cringe at remembrance of past disappointment when little tangible effort has been put into celebrating this day with me, when it rolls around again I am expecting to be faced with the bitter taste of being let down again. Perhaps it is the cult[...]

May Day

The first day of May. Spring is finally here. The early mornings, filled with sunlight and warmth, stretching into the later, lighter evenings. The day entailed doughnuts, walks, flowers, and playing at the park. It was Wonderful!

Things for today

April 21st is Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's, details and locations can be found HERE. We might try to get out this afternoon to the Greenlake location. Today also kicks off the Gospel Coalition conference in Chicago, which will have a live webcast starting at 2pm Central time (that's 12 noon Pacific) and the link to the live feed is HERE. If you follow along at Twitter, tweet or search #gcnc[...]
Spring has indeed sprung! We are loving: The bright, warm sunlight on little faces Beautiful 'Blow Flowers' No socks and white linen skirts Going for sunny walks and pulling sisters in a wagon Flying high in the blue sky and laying down for an afternoon outdoor rest.
Mothering. Something I continue to both long for and dread. I just look at the task ahead and feel overwhelmed at times with raising these three girls.  I find myself riding the waves like a buoy, seemingly with little control, tossed about and bogged down with this enormous task of training up a child.  At times I feel as if I’m drowning, but I have to stop and realize, rather REMIND myself at [...]

Burst of sun

Right before dinner, nearly completely unexpectedly, the sun burst through and warmed our backyard up just enough to enjoy some low warming rays. It's pretty amazing to see how much the girls are enjoying the yard. Araiya sang songs to her Apple Blossoms. Tallis made meticulous piles of rocks, dirt and flowers. Matt dug at something. Mom took pictures. While we ate, Araiya begged to eat out[...]
"But Mom, it's MY long swirly skirt. It's a purplish-winey color. It's slilky." Actually, it's my one good Lace-trimmed Silk Slip from Victoria's Secret, tucked under a Teal tank top and finished off with a Pink belt. "But Mom, Princesses wear it!"

Knock knock

The girls' version of a knock-knock joke: Them: "knock knock" Me: "who's there?" Them: "ME!" Me: "me who?" Them: "banana-hanna!!" (cracking up with fits of laughter) 4 seconds later Them: "knock knock..."