One of those days

Do you ever have days when it seems like your head is just not screwed on straight? Those days usually start off fine, everything seems up. Then you get closer to the end and everything falls apart, leaving you to wonder at which part of the day your ability to reason and complete certain simple tasks was shut down. External stresses make it worse. For me, we had a great morning with some friends [...]
Explaining St. Patrick's Day to the girls- it's History, that we are going to do some green crafting with Shamrocks, and eat Corned Beef and Cabbage for Dinner. That, in Toddler Speak has turned into the girls running around the house singing, "SPATTIKS DAY! SPATTIKS DAY! I'm gonna make a ROCKET day!!" Just when you think instruction is getting through...
Well, not burn. I would obviously put it to good use. If I happened to have a few thousand dollars of liquid capital sitting around I would surely be acquiring one of these European-style cargo bikes I have had my eye on for a while.  I've found since becoming a Mom, especially, it's increasingly difficult, if not near impossible with multiple children, to remain as active as I would like. As I[...]

I am Dark Helmet

[On a side note, the pink t-shirt Araiya is wearing is actually a onesie given to Pia by the owner of our awesome local coffee hang-out, Tougo Coffee, so we can proudly display our allegiance to this chosen establishment. However, it is still too big for Pia and Araiya has taken to wearing it, running around the house saying, "I'm Riya-Brian, I'm Riya-Brian" and pretending to be the guy who [...]
Ok, what in the world? This just came across my feed reader- Overstock has the David Netto Cub crib and changing table for ridiculously RIDICULOUS prices. How ridiculous? $180 for the crib (yea, that isn't a typo) and $130 for the changer. Who's kicking themselves right now? Apparently the hitch here is there are a few blemishes on the finish, but as all us parent's know, you would just be getting[...]
Matt's brother is an avid photographer, armed with his arsenal of equipment wherever he goes. Spending time with him Sunday, as we were cruising around Downtown, thousands of dollars of camera bling hanging around his neck, garnering stares at the enormous lenses protruding from either side of his torso. Once, many years ago, we took a backpacking trip with both of Matt's brothers (both Marines)[...]
While the initial reaction to hearing the kick-off to Matt's ski program on Wednesday afternoons got canceled was one of disappointment, after we were emailed a link to the Washington State Department of Transportation's Flickr Photostream we keenly understood why. So glad to not have to be up there today. This huge volume of rain atop the existing snow has begun to reek havoc. Good reason for the[...]


I sincerely love this city, but in all honesty, Seattle can sometimes be pretty pathetic. Of course, same could be said for absolutely everywhere. When it comes down to it, Seattle is just the slightest bit wussy when it comes to certain types of weather. That's right, WUSSY. Ok, I guess someone had to just get out there and say it. Overall, the Pacific Northwest's climate is really quite mild a[...]
These Craigslist postings came across my feed reader today: Free Snow--U Haul (Duvall) Take all you want.  We are getting additional inventory delivered throughout the day.  And, Free frozen delight (Seattle) I have about 1500 sq ft of FRESH and crispy white snow ready to be hauled away. Bring some tools and your crew. This deal is good for today only, so first come first serve... no holds, waiti[...]
I have been pretty quiet lately. Actually, I should rephrase, I have been actively seeking quiet. Actually, I have been deeply mulling in areas of community and doing life together with other people, which has been on the forefront of my thought-life recently (and much writing, as well- just not here), but those aspects can't be separated from their polar opposites of solitude and silence. I have [...]