Today is my 26th birthday. Reflecting upon that, it is hard not to get caught up in the number. I am often times perceived as older than people think. Many times people gasp at how young I am in comparison to my perceived life stage. I find myself struck at times at the realization I am 26 years old and Married with Three kids. There is still a part of me that feels like such a kid myself, saturat[...]

Reading the news

I guess I have some catching up to do in reading the news on the internet this morning. LeRoi Moore, the amazing saxophonist of Dave Matthews Band, died this week. I can't believe how shocked and saddened I am by this news. I don't know if I've even mentioned here how integral the music of DMB has been to me over the years, throughout High School and especially College. My entire relationship with[...]
I sit in the office, scatters of papers inscribed with random portions of lists I have made surround the computer. From the (dis)comfort of my office chair I seek the tools of the internet to make things a bit easier around here. See, I list. I rack up line item after line item of things that need to get done. I organize my life into bullet points scribbled in black pen on small bits of scrap pape[...]

Klean Kanteen Deal

I ordered a family pack of Klean Kanteen's last night to equip all of us with Stainless Steel water drinking bliss. I have loved the Kanteen I picked up from REI and wrote about before, it is used every day, all day. The kid's really needed some sippy's and I have put off getting them for far too long. I also wanted some sports tops for when I am in Labor, so that really spurred me on to make anot[...]


I guess I feel there should be some achievement in making it to the 37 week mark, like something should really start happening, right? Rather, I want it to. There has been an increasing regularity to the tightening and psudo-contractions I have been having. A familiarity with the expected rhythms building up. Maybe that is just the difficulty in waiting. Waiting around for the expected, yet my exp[...]

shhh, secrets

I went down to Madrona around 7pm tonight, because Matt had a meeting and I wanted to get the girls out of the house in order to take up time before they went down for bed. So we took a little girl's night to play at the park and go to Cupcake Royal for dessert. Guess what? This one needs to stay low, ok? They have a 'Happy Hour Special' -- buy Three Cupcakes and get Three Free. At least that[...]

FREE movies

Every summer Regal theaters offer big-screen Family Movies absolutely FREE. Doesn't get any better than Free, now does it? Each Tuesday and Wednesday morning for 9 weeks they show two G and PG rated movies. We plan to hit up the Veggie Tales movies being shown at the Theater closest to us, presuming I am still pregnant the weeks in August they are playing. This is a national program, so visit thei[...]

Willfully Sweet

She's at an age where she has an opinion. On just about everything. She is well aware of her desires and will and she wishes to exert them. She knows what she wants and wants to choose. It used to be that getting something, anything, was rewarding enough. In those days I got to exert my will on her behalf. Like today in Cupcake Royal, it used to go something along the lines of: Oh, would you lik[...]
Just a plug- if you are in the Seattle Area, Belltown is having it's first ever Block Party, hosted by our Church and on the 4th of July, none the less. There will be a bunch of food from neighborhood eateries, kid's stuff like face painting and I think a bounce house*, plus really great music and of course the awesome Fireworks Show that you will be right underneath**. Great way to enjoy the ho[...]