From an article I found today about a British study published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences: "...there is nothing like a hearty breakfast laced with sugar to boost a woman's chances of conceiving a son, according to a study released Wednesday." "The odds of an XY, or male outcome to a pregnancy also went up sharply "for women who consumed at least one bowl of bre[...]

Ain't over it yet

Here's a strange twist: I have a mad itch to go skiing. That's right. Just when I thought I was going to be over it and have been lamenting the lack of Spring for quite some time now, our continually strange Seattle weather throws a curve ball dumping us with 2' of freshie in the mountains and cold temperatures. At 23 week pregnant, I thought my season would be done. Nope. I am down for more. And [...]
This has become a bit of a photography blog around here, no? I have been really stuck on the colors theme simply because I have been really stuck on having fresh flowers around the house. I think I am an addict, I can't stop. I think it is true that flowers make you happy. Actually let me take that back, I don't think they make you happy, I think they remind you of happiness. They embody bea[...]


Well, I think I may have been a little fatalistic in my previous post. My main frustration was that my Powerbook laptop did some acrobatic aerials off the couch, shattering the screen. The computer taking a dive makes things incredibly difficult around here, both for basic use in my day and business/work related stuff. The first is including updating this space, photos, emails and everything else [...]


This sweet little girl turned one today. What a wonderful little joyful person she is. So full of cuteness and such a distinct funny little personality. She had a ton of fun on Saturday when we celebrated this milestone at her party. I can't believe she is a year already. But I am thankfully surprised at the overall easiness this year has been. Tallis is such a fun kid, she plays by herself and [...]


It's the 26th of March. It is currently snowing at our house. And sticking. What the?? Darn you, Winter! Pack your bags and leave already.

Red freckles?

Question for you all: I got food poisoning last night, or something that really didn't settle well in my stomach. Today my sides, diaphragm and neck muscles are incredibly sore. But more so, I now have these small, red freckles from eyebrows to cheekbones. Matt thought it was a rash. I think they are because the small capillaries close to the surface of the sensitive skin in my eye area burst f[...]


This Monday's Word of the Day for the Weekly Photo Challenge is rather timely for me. inchoate \in-KOH-it\, adjective: 1. In an initial or early stage; just begun. 2. Imperfectly formed or formulated. It seems like so many tasks right now are inchoate, just starting to get rolling and in need of some tweaking and modification before they really take off. The Yard. Tallis' Birthday Party. Archite[...]
There’s is nothing quite like the visual art of photography to evoke our emotions. I love that it’s an art form that is available to everyone. I have been thinking I want some sort of task or challenge to spur me on in taking pictures I might not normally shoot. There are many Photo Challenges out there, I did some Google-ing this morning. I realize I need something random and difficult enough [...]

Dear Amazon,

to whom it may concern; I am writing to inform you about something we found in the box of a recent Amazon order we received. We ordered a Cuisinart mini food processor which arrived today. The Cuisinart box was intact, but lying next to it inside your brown Amazon shipping box and under your inflated plastic baggies was a box of Kellogg's Smart Start breakfast cereal. Is this a new promotional g[...]