Packages are great. Expected or not, I love receiving mail with goodies to open. I remember as a kid my Grandmother sending us big boxes filled with packing peanuts and an equal number of cheap trinkets she got through her credit card company. We would dig through the box, uncovering treasure after treasure and divvying up who got to keep what. In this next week I am expecting three packages. It's[...]

Be my Valentine

Some beautiful orange flowers were left on the table for me this morning. I think someone caught on to my recent orange fetish (perhaps he reads this blog??). I am a pretty low-key, low-maintenance girl. I don't wear any makeup most days, I don't own a purse, the most expensive thing in my closet still cost under $100. I don't get a thrill out of shopping or anything made by Prada/Gucci/D&G[...]

House of the Year

Browsing over at World Architecture News at the list of nominee's for the World Edition's House of the Year 2007. Ba-U-de-ful. Such diversity of form and space and material within the contextual folds of place and people. Wonderful collection of buildings, you should go check it out. (image borrowed from Coochicoos)

I'm lovin' it

It snowed again in the city! We woke to just over an inch of beautiful white. Makes me happy. I just about laughed out loud yesterday at the forecast, which called for 50% chance of snow. It was sunny all day. Such a nice surprise today. Looks like there will be more this week, too. Yippee! So pretty to look out over the neighborhood blanketed in white. I know for many, snow in the city is [...]

Ready for impact

We made it through the crux of the holidays. Now we are all sick. I have it the worse, feeling lethargically horrible. Araiya still wants to go skiing, though.
I have to confess I have become an Urbanite. I am raising two little Urbanites as well. Yes, I grew up in a small town, rich in natural beauty and outdoor activities. But fairly lacking in opportunity, culture and efficiency. I never thought I would live in a large city. Never. Then I became an Architect. Then I became a city dweller. Then I became a parent. Now we highly value the things that den[...]

Happy Birthday Dad!

If you know my Dad, you would know he always receives the same things for his Birthday- White Tube Socks, White Undershirts, the same style of Levi's he has worn since about 1984, a Travel mug and Tools. He is either a man of simple needs, or an aging guy who is getting the short end of the stick year after year because no one else can break out of doing the same thing they have always done. Eit[...]

Calm before the storm

Our living room faces east, with a large picture window gazing out above the street and over the rooftops of the neighbors for a few blocks. We have some incredibly cheap Ikea curtains with a frayed unfinished hem and the screws are about to fall out of the drywall. The previous owners left these and their poor mountings which we have thus far kept simply because we have not decided upon a repla[...]

Turkeys are coming

Well, at least one. Hopefully only one. And it will already be dead, thank goodness for that. And it will be organic. It will be big. Too big. I ordered it from Madison Market today, the smallest they had was 16lbs that was fresh and organic, I could have gotten frozen and kinda organic for cheaper, but the smallest guy they had was 18lbs and I would have only saved a few dimes per pound. Any fr[...]

Safe toys

250+ Lead-free toys made in the USA Great article on the Daily Green with links to actual products at online stores. It is really nice to see a nice long, solid list of toys to actually buy rather than a long list of toys to throw away. So much of the news has been ahh! be afraid of more dangerous toys! don't buy anything!! How positive to see a useful article on where and how to consume toys for [...]