Our girls are always cracking us up in how they explore this amazing world they live in. We were at Mt. Hood, OR this weekend, and it seems they had more fun in the parking lot outside the condo building than anywhere else. Praise God for kids being kids! Pia On Ice http://vimeo.com/53597279
"You've really never had a Passport before?!?" The lady on the other side of the plexiglass divider raised a questioning eyebrow at me in disbelief. Her eyes glanced back down at my printed out paperwork and birth certificate laying out on the counter between us, finger resting on my birthdate. I am pretty sure I know what she is thinking. Yes, I am 30 years old and have never traveled outsi[...]

Pumpkin Patch

The seasons are surely turning here, albeit slowly. It’s been sunny for at least part of most days, which is fine with me as putting off the rain, rain, rain will garner no complaints on my end. I love this weather as it allows us to be out and about will little hindrance. This past weekend we made the pilgrimage over the mountains to visit the In-Law's. My SIL & Nephew, Gideon, had flown up f[...]


Last month already seems forever ago. The memories of summer are fading fast, though the backlog of images I have waiting to be blogged will indicate otherwise. Time time of making, producing, processing have become longer with the realities of film. We've moved past the seemingly instantaneous shoot-to-blog and within the delay has allowed room for a far more endearing nostalgic amount of reflect[...]
I think I’ve finally reassimilated to life at home. It took a few weeks. My Birthday weekend we headed East, for a visit with the Grandparent's and an ambiguously interesting celebration of my Birthday attending Matt's 10 year High School reunion. The up side to that is we got a night away sans kids and the girls got to soak in some Grandma & Grandpa time, including a shopping trip for Araiya [...]

Bainbridge Island

When we first moved to Seattle Matt worked on Bainbridge Island for about a year and a half. Every day he rode his bike down to the Ferry Terminal, got on a boat, and spent 35 minutes crossing Puget Sound. As far as a commute goes, riding the ferry that serves beer and has free wifi is not bad at all. Way better than sitting in a single passenger car in traffic. As a new mom, there were many days [...]

Lake Chelan

A few weekends back we were invited to cross over the Cascades to the Eastern side of the state and go camping with some friends in the Lake Chelan area. Quickly we came to a new understanding: This is where Summer really lives in the Pacific Northwest. Yes, I've been to the Tri Cities & Spokane areas and often chide Matt how much his Hometown is akin to Reno/Sparks, Nevada, a place of sagebru[...]
It was such an easy decision. Flying to a wedding in California- with the cost of airfare on 4 seats, hauling 3 car seats, paying extra for checked bags, renting a car, getting to and from the airport- somehow all of that seemed so much more difficult than just driving to a wedding in California. Not to mention cheaper. Besides, this allowed us more time to get away, to make this into a real vacat[...]
When I was 15 my High School Biology teacher talked me into becoming a Ski Instructor. I’ve skied since I was 3. I’ve been a member of this organization for 12 years. In comparison, there is nothing else in my life I have been doing as long. This past weekend, I finally earned my Level 3 Certification. For those not in the know, this is the highest level of certification, statistically less th[...]
This is not going to be an "I've been a bad blogger" rant. In fact, I've done that too many times before. In fact, I'm far too easily irritated when someone hasn't blogged in three days and those kind of posts come across my feed reader. Honestly, there's this thing called LIFE. It gets in the way sometimes. Wait, maybe I should recant that. It's all the stuff we try to cram in on top of th[...]