Turkey Bash

We traveled across the state for Thanksgiving. While it was a short trip, at least travel was easy and our time there restful. The highlight for the girls (oh, okay, the adults too) was the Turkey. Unfortunately, not the one we cooked and ate, but the paper and cardboard Turkey Pinata Matt's parents picked up for the girls. Somehow, Araiya became convinced there was Cash in the Pinata. Yea, I have[...]
This is Part 2 of our trip to California last month. It has been slow in making it's way up onto the blog. This portion of the trip not only involved vacation for us, but included my BIL's wedding (the premise for a trip south in the first place) which I was given the honor (er, immense responsibility and pressure) to photograph. The 5 days we spent in Joshua Tree were me juggling a few different [...]
I wish I knew what has happened to my mind. It seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle of constant packing and unpacking. Yesterday I heated up soup for my lunch while I helped the girls make Peanut Butter roll-ups for their lunch. Then after the girls were all served and eating, I simply walked out of the kitchen completely forgetting that I needed to eat, too. The very next day I got out of the[...]

Gearing up

I can't believe how fast Saturday is come upon us. I know, I still have another full day to get ready, but bigger picture- Where did September go? More importantly, looking through the itinerary for this trip and the weeks to come- Where did October go? I feel like I am already looking at November. Maybe that's beside the point. Regardless, we have 10 full days planned in travel, and more importan[...]

Port Townsend

This summer has been the summer of what I have dubbed, Mini-Cations. Small little ventures that are long enough to take a breather, but far far shorter than a vacation or even weekend getaway. It has totally changed my perspective on Vacations. I've found I like smaller, shorter trips with more frequency and variety more than bigger trips which tend to be fewer and farther between. The latest inst[...]
It looks like we are making this Camping trip to the Ocean an annual thing. A week after Pia was born, I decided for my Birthday I wanted to buy family camping gear so we could go enjoy the great outdoors. A huge tent, 4 kids sleeping bags, and a two-week old- we headed out to Ocean Shores, Washington at the end of August last year. This year we hoped to bring along more families. But apparently s[...]
Here's my shameless business plug: I am planning a trip to California this month for the purposes of doing a few portrait sessions for friends down there. To complicate things, I am adding in some Architecture business stuff in San Luis Obispo and a trip to my Brother-in-law's in the Joshua Tree area to return some photography gear. Since I will be there and lugging around a few large bags full[...]

Mt. Hood Wedding

I have a secret to confess. I like Weddings. For a long while, my Wedding was the only one I had been to. Growing up I only remember going to One. Who knows why. The only Wedding I had been in was my own. Then I started shooting weddings. They were all very different and unique from the typical 'norm' often presented in the glossy magazines I was somehow suckered into purchasing when I was plan[...]
First thing I have to say is that there are WAY to many photos to blog from this adventure. Between Matt and I, two cameras, we came home with just over 600 raw images. After editing, it whittled down to 226, which are all uploaded on Flickr. I can't justify posting all the 'Good Ones' here in this post because it would make this post ridiculously long. So we will try this (fingers crossed,[...]

Retreating, part 3

Saved the best part of the trip for last. Above and beyond retreating, having down time, receiving amazing teaching sessions, spending quality time with close friends and community, there is the pure joyous fun of the kids having the time of their lives. The highlight for them, and us too, was hand downs the pools. That's right, I said pools, plural. The first opportunity we had to swim we hit up [...]