Retreating, part 2

The most beautiful expression of what the weekend was about really came to life on Sunday afternoon. After the last session of the official schedule was over, we were free to spend the afternoon after checkout enjoying the Resort amenities. We scrambled to pack up the room, ending up with far more food than we came with and no where for it to go other than our stomachs. Bound eventually for the po[...]

Retreating, part 1

re·treat - n a.) A place affording peace, quiet, privacy, or security b.) A period of seclusion, retirement, or solitude. c.) A period of group withdrawal for prayer, meditation, or study  Honestly, I have never taken or gone on a retreat before. It seems I have allowed the busy excuses of life to prevent me, and even us as a whole family, from committing to one. It's hard to really gras[...]